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Book Week

Our competition in 2011 challenged students to use 200 words or less to tell a story because we live in one world but there are many stories.

The winning entries are below:

One World Many Stories by Sybilla

It was clear it hadn’t shaved recently, if ever. Its long legs surrounded it, like a fancy pattern on a dinner plate. They were so long you wouldn’t know how to control them. Constantly falling over, and pausing to think which leg went first. It however, had no trouble. It stood out like a sore thumb, except, unlike a thumb, it had eyes. It would watch you; follow you, never safe, never out of sight. If you were in that room, you were always scrutinised. Every time you passed the threshold you’d stop. Look. And sometimes, listen. Until you could see it, know where it was, and what it was doing, you wouldn’t take a step further. Found, you would then scamper through the room onto the next, taking the safest pilgrimage around the unused chairs, fire place and dusty display cabinets.

Then he came, he came to save you from the horror. He wrapped you under his arm and marched along your side to the victim’s current place of residence. You point, shaking, to the highest corner.

Then run, back the way you came, back to safety. He would return, saying the job was done, that spider wouldn’t come back any more.


Abandoned in Borneo by Patrick

 We all knew about the war. What it was, what it involved and what you had to do to keep you going. So I joined up, but I figured if I was going to fight, I was going to do it aside the best there was, so I joined the marines. ‘was part of the 2″· Marine Division. We were headed to Borneo for some treaty we weren’t allowed to speak or know about. We came in by chopper, and the ferocious blades of the propellers were making a thunderous noise. I hit the ground first when the copper was 2 feet from the ground, to survey the area and act as a recon. I don’t know how or why I didn’t see it but a Japanese soldier charged through the thick growth. He knocked me down, I pulled out my MG. The soldier charged again and I pulled the trigger. I looked up, the chopper had gone. Why? Where hadthey gone? I thought I was one of them, fighting for what was right. There isn’t anything good about wars, but there is good in why you fight wars, and we were all fighting for the same thing.

Story telling at lunchtime:

We also celebrated by sharing Dominique and Frances’ story of their travels to Hong Kong, where they visited all our International Students who live there. They have some great memories and lovely photographs.

Thanks for your presentation girls!

2010 Photographs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The competition in 2010 required students to make a model or a poster and get it to the Library by the end of Friday 20th August. THE WINNER HAS BEEN DECLARED

Reading Is A Bridge Through Generations By Tana ‘ha – See her work above

Click Here to see how to our Junior Campus has been celebrating book week.

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