PLN course information

At the SWDLA meeting in Warrnambool we covered many topics, including blogging. Made me get on with updating this important resource for us all. There are several new things I have learned about: Google Reader; Vic PLN and I have also found some good blog sites.
We also learned how to embed You Tube clips into our blogs. This is OK as far as copyright is concerned because it takes you to You Tube to watch it:


Year 9 History Collaborative assessment task.

I have jrecently been to a conference (Computelec ELH) where I was shown the LEAP21 model of setting up student assessment to meet the needs of twenty-first century students. Their recommended path for assessing the task in terms of things like collaboration really taught me the power of real teamwork for a meaningful product. I have returned to school and have started putting my interpretation of this into action.

The first working lesson with one of my classes was today. Everyone got down to work in some sense, but one group has really blown me away. Four boys who are working together using TeamLab sent me an invitation to be part of their project:


Within 15 minutes of the start of the lesson, they were all on line working in their shared space, which looks like this! They have customised it with our school badge and everything!


A new year: 2012

It’s good to be back and have wonderful things happening in your library. This year there is a very big committee, mainly made up of Year 12 students. You may like to consider joining us, especially if you are in years 7 – 11. There will be many competitions: already Mrs Nichols and Caitlin M in Year 7 have won mugs for Library Lover’s Day. Check out the new page for the Blogging competition:

Check out another Library blog see what another school is doing!


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