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Please describe your reviews of web 2.0 tools by adding a comment to the space below. Please include the web address of the tool you are reviewing.



  1. peter says:

    The first site we looked at as a group was Google Maps.
    A very useful resourse to help locate places and get street views of houses etc

  2. peter says:

    The second tool we looked at was blabberize. Allows you to upload a photo and adjust the mouth and then record audio over the top.
    Interesting but not really useful.

  3. cameron says:

    exta-normal is good, and fun.

  4. Declan says:

    Extra Normal is a tool that is used to show actions and voice overs of fictional characters that you control.

  5. josh says:

    Extra normal is a great site and if you want the story to be weird or not, they all end up random and funny….

  6. Will says:

    Easy to use, however slow on even the faster internet connections. Not very interesting and very limited. 3/5

  7. Tori says:

    Xtra-normal was okay. It is fun to make a movie, especially with all the moves and voices the characters have 🙂

  8. Nick says:

    xtarnormal-i thourght that this site was very fun to interact with, you could express your ideas with cartoons, emotions and actions.
    at the start it can be a bit confusing but it is easy to use after a while!

  9. Heping says:

    What so serious??

  10. Gangsta says:

    What a cool site!!!
    Gonna check this site everyday from now on!!!

  11. Charlie says:

    Xtra-normal was a fun site to make movies

  12. Sarah says:

    Xtra normal was interesting and fun to have a muck around with. Pity you couldnt do more actions and views.

  13. Charles says:

    xtranormal is a program on the intra web that you can use to create your own little world woooooo hooooo

  14. Mathew says:

    Xtranormal was fun, but sometimes hard to use. It often took a long time to load each stage of the site because the entire class was viewing it at once.

  15. Billy says:

    I thought that xtranormal was good but there wasn’t the range of scenes or characters and actions to choose from that most would like

  16. Andrew says:

    Xtrtranormal didn’t give enough control over the scene, it’s too basic. Yet some weird stuff can be made.

  17. Lachlan says:

    This site might be useful to some people, it allows you to make a short clip in the browser but it seems too restricted at times, it can also get a bit fiddly and some of the sounds don’t work.

  18. corey says:

    Xtranormal is a program on the internet that you can create your own world wooo hoooo

  19. Maddie says:

    Xtranormal – An interesting program, but runs VERY slowly, takes a long time to load the clips and is limited to what you can do without a premium subscription ***

  20. Riley says:

    Xtra Normal was fun i guess…. my characters were doing weird things though!

  21. Thomas says:

    extranormal the online short video builder
    a limited application but fun simple and easy to use

  22. Jawwad says:

    Xtra normal was fun and I learnt quiet alot from the program itself. Thanks to the subject multimedia. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jawwad says:

    Google maps was really fun as you can see everywhere around the world

  24. Thomas says:

    google maps the great way to find where something is

  25. Will says:

    Google Maps
    A very practical tool with many uses, although the entire premise of constantly watching satellites is sort of creepy.

  26. Billy says:

    Scribble maps is a great way of showing directions without using a direction finder. It is a good alternative to google because it tales ages to load

  27. Lachlan says:

    Moogo is a very useful tool which allows anyone to make a website easily, ranging from easily made site to a complex site with custom graphics.

  28. Will says:

    The ESP Game
    I’m not sure what actually happens, but you seem to be partner with someone online, whom you never actually communicate with; and you both have to list what you see in the photo, and when you both guess the same thing you move to the next level. It’s fun, but I got very sick of it very quickly. 3.5/5

  29. Jawwad says:

    Cool website. I think its good that people have a good social network about the videos that they have watched. Sports or movies/videos

  30. Lachlan says:

    This is a game called DragonFable. You make a free account, make a character, and start the adventure. It can be amusing if you read the speech bubbles but I often find myself skipping the lot. For anyone who says it takes too long to level up, Finish the quest!
    9/10, Has some flaws but otherwise good.

  31. Charles says:

    http://www.mytopia.com/ is a site that you can use to create your own little character and you can plan lots of games like poker and other games in the clubhouse it is just a game for fun to waste time and not do homework Challenge a buddy to a game of Chess or Poker, join a chatty Bingo room or play Dominoes with people from around the world. The better you play, the more experience points you gain and the higher titles you achieve for your character. As you improve your rank, you can enter new areas in the community and unlock more features. Earn Silver and Gold Nuggets, the Mytopian currency, and cash out your winnings for prizes in the shop. Check out the leagues to see which countries, people and networks dominate the ranks.


  32. Will says:

    Grooveshark allows you to listen to music online. I was unable to think of a song that was not in the database and the music searches and downloads relatively quickly, free and the navigation is easy to follow. The main problem is that although the music stays in the line up everytime you listen to it you have to download it again. 4.5/5

  33. Declan says:

    This website can be used to identify various types of icon packages.

  34. Tori says:

    The website I found on http://www.go2web20.net was http://www.musicovery.com. its actually really cool. You can pick a style you like pop, world, rap then pick your mood, and find a song to suit it. you can get the song too (i think) but to do that you have to sign up and pay a small fee. but other than that, i think its really cool, especially as you don’t have to pay anything to listen to all the music. 🙂

  35. Maddie says:


    People who work spend alot of the day working on their computer, with Doitdoitdone you can create to-do lists and access them from anywhere you have access to the net. No registration is needed and its free. It would be more suited for older people who work in offices. I think this could be useful instead of using paper which can easily be lost

    • Tori says:

      I think this is actually a really fun thing. You can make yourself a list, on any computer anywhere, then email the address of the list to yourself, so you don’t lose it! all free! plus you can personalise it with different backgrounds and things 🙂

  36. corey says:

    Has alot of good backround sort of things i dont know what for… but something to look at…

  37. Billy says:

    I chose a site called Mind 360 and the url is: http://www.mind360.com/
    and there is lots of games to play but you have to sign up and to get all of the games it costs but a standard member is free. The games are Brain traing style of things some are weird and others helpful.

  38. willp says:

    xtra normal was good and fun

  39. Jack says:

    Xtra normal is an online video maker. You can subscribe for better settings. It was fun for a while, but whas really slow.

  40. Nick says:

    Website: http://www.faceinhole.com/us/
    Categorie: Fun/Photo Edit
    Age: for any one who knows how to upload a picture-lol 🙂

    Description: many of us have tried to manipulate pictures using photoshop or other, but these can be tricky for some.

    But wouldn’t it be fun and great if you could change your apperance to a celbrity?
    well now you can, with Face Hole you can easily and in a matter of seconds create a totally “new look” for you and your friends. You just have to select a scenario, upload and adjust a photo (or use your webcam) and there you have it; This can be great for a joke or to surprise someone.

    The Website is absolutly free, no signup or payment!

  41. cameron says:

    the website that i was on was. http://www.freeonlinegames.com
    The website that i am on is a game site. There are lots of games on this site. The are adventure, racing, shooting,fighting games and alot more games. The games that ore on this website are good games. They are not educational. They are good games that i would recomend.

  42. josh says:

    this is an awesome web 2.0 game site with a huge range of games.

  43. Thomas says:

    a free online game site with a range of arcade puzzle and stragety games. you can also personalise some games with your own images.

  44. Mathew says:

    YoYo Games (http://www.yoyogames.com/) is a website that allows you to create, publish and play games that others have made.

    You have to download the software to make your games (about 8mb), and if you don’t pay, you dont have access to the full program.

    The game maker is sometimes hard to use, but the end results are great. There are many user-created games to play.

  45. Charlie says:

    Friv was a great site with many fun games for all ages. No subscription or anything. Hours of fun

  46. Sarah says:

    in reply to Tori’s review, i agree that Musicovery is really good. Is similar in a way to the iPods Genius. You can choose the genre and tempo/mood of the song and also the year it was released.

  47. josh says:

    this is like google maps but you upload your videos and it shows you where you walk on the google map and your video is next to it. this is really good if you want to see what the surroundings look like although there isnt many videos. . . . .

  48. Mathew says:

    JibJab ( http://sendables.jibjab.com/ ) is a site that lets you put the faces of friends and family on the bodies of dancers etc…

    There are many heaps of different videos to chose from in dozens of catagories. Most of these, however, must be paid for to use. There are several free ones though.

    This can be used by anyone of any age.

    9.5 out of 10

  49. james says:

    Tengaged is an online multiplayer game that lets everyone play and participate in a reality social game based on Big Brother and Survivor reality television shows.

  50. james says:

    Web show is an exciting alternative to casual browsing, allowing you to lay back and watch the web as it was meant to be. Same as a TV program, the show host will guide you through the most interesting and relevant web sites & videos within our interactive show-board interface.

  51. Sarah says:

    Nirvana: Get organised
    is a really good website for organising your to-do lists. quote “Nirvana is all about getting things out of your head and into a trusted system,
    then effortlessly drilling down to the thing you should be doing right now.”
    Is good for the unorgainsed and helps to learn how to prioritise.
    Can also access anywhere with internet

  52. cameron says:

    http://www.picktastic.com is an american site where you pick tips in all sports and you have to beat your mates.

  53. Thomas says:

    a simple and fun site where you can upload your own videos and overlay animations onto it
    (no the videos are not shareable they are private)

  54. Billy says:

    I checked out a game site called 2dplay.com and it has thousands of games in differnet catagories and they are mostly good.

  55. Lachlan says:

    This is another web development tool but this is better than Moogo because so much more is possible, you can add a favicon, have YouTube videos and Google Maps embedded in your page, use html to completely customize it and even register to get your own domain (www.(name).com/.org. It could be a little more user friendly though.
    9/10 Almost Perfect

  56. Sarah says:

    this is a fantastic website. search nearly any song you want and it will come up. sound quality is a lot better than musicovery.com

    • Tori says:

      Sarah is right, listen.grooveshark.com is an awesome website. you can find almost any song you want, and if you have your own website or blog, you can ’embed’ there. eg, you can play it on that blog or website as well as the actual website. the sound is definitely better than musicovery.com

  57. Andrew says:

    Auditorium is kind of a game, it has levels and objectives. Auditorium allows you to move and change the size of circles that influence the flows of particles. When particles move over audio containers they make music.
    Also the website has a quite nice feel to it that makes it seem very professional.
    Auditorium is free, but if you pay, you can get access to 70 extra levels.

  58. Thomas says:

    a simple site where you can draw something + something = something and share them with everyone
    you have to creat a user though -its free

  59. willp says:

    a spot in the net to play games

  60. Jawwad says:

    This website has good gamehttp://www.ballerarcade.com/games/1164/3d-motorbike-racing.html

  61. Tori says:

    This website is really cool. You can upload pictures or use ones already there, and add frames, colours, words, cartoons and make things move. the only bad thing is that you have to sign up to the website to save or publish it. I’m not sure if it costs anything at the mo. 🙂

  62. Maddie says:

    Allows anyone to upload or listen to music for free. Its quick and easy to find songs and takes no time to download, the quality of the songs are also great.

  63. Jack says:

    This website: http://www.iconfinder.net/ is awesome for finding cool icons for your desktop. Perfect if your sick of your nomal old icons.

  64. james says:

    JamLegend lets you play a rocking guitar game online for free. It features a limitless song library, massive multiplayer, tournaments and social features. Like the games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games. Play against friends for free and be a star on Guitar. Just like Guitar hero but FREE

  65. josh says:

    this is a computer version of guitar legend..

    its good

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